The world today is a fascinating mix of people, cultures and races. Geography has ceased to be a barrier to people who relocate for work or study. But at the end of the day, there is an inner desire to connect with people from similar ethnic backgrounds.

There is a need to keep abreast with news from their own country and to acquaint themselves with the events happening in the community locally.

Life Style Radio was founded in an effort to fulfill such needs of the South Asian Community. It is geared towards uniting the South Asian community with instantly engages it with current and community centric information.


Message From Our Founder/CEO

Founder and CEO Zeeshan Rizvi is a passionate, energetic and enthusiastic about lifestyle, urban living, exciting events, music, entertainment and media. Born and raised in Karachi , Pakistan. The City which gives you everything from lights, music, entertainment, fashion, full of vibrant colors of life.

Zeeshan Rizvi has been in business since 2000 doing marketing, events management and radio entertainment. Our LSR family is a diverse, global team made up of almost all cultural backgrounds, ethnicity and colors. That diversity is a fundamental strength.

I have been fortunate to have spent nearly two decades working with multinational and multicultural organizations. During that time, I have learned that when we listen with the objective to understand, engage with each other on our merits and work together toward a common cause, differences in our appearances and background fade. We become one team. I am humbled to work each day with a diverse and talented group of people around the world. Let’s continue to be one LSR Team and make a difference in our homes and communities.


               Zeeshan  Rizvi